Promoting Whanau and Youth Resilience in Te Tai Tokerau

Kia korowaitia āku Mokopuna ki te korowaitanga hauora
Let our future generations be embraced with good health

Reflecting the complexity of issues and risk factors youth face today, Northland DHB has commissioned three strands of activity to achieve the overall goal of increasing youth and communities resilience in Northland. 

Matanui stands alongside the Skylight Travellers Programme, QPR and Lifeline’s ASIST training.

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Personal Development and Training - QPR and Lifelines ASIST Training

Written and produced by Playworks Productions “Matanui” is a two hour programme which comprises of a Theatre in Education play and a Drama in Education workshop which includes an introduction to community support networks.

The maunga Matanui looks over a small Northland community where everything seems safe, ordinary, just the same as ever, where bad gets forgotten and good goes unnoticed.

Relationships, dreams and dark histories collide as young Wiremu and friends try to make sense of it all. What’s the secret ingredient a young person needs to thrive and how can they find it? 

Broad content themes in the theatre include positive relationships, and some of the challenges young Northland people face including dealing with alcohol, teen pregnancy, sexual abuse and suicide.

“Matanui” aims to empower youth and their communities, to build community resilience.  The haka for “Matanui” has been written by Tatai Henare and the waiata text by Sir James Henare gifted to Matanui by the Henare whanau.

The Drama in Education workshop revisits the main events of the play.  Using drama workshopping techniques the audience now become participants and actors. Through discussion, role-play, improvisation and group process the participants investigate the characters actions and the plays theme, drawing from and relating them to their own experiences.

The workshops ensure the participants are introduced to local community support services, their networks and the pathways for accessing help.

Matanui the second tour is presented free to Northland High Schools and their communities in May and June of 2014.

A video review of Matanui (Playworks Productions)

Professional Development Training to build whānau and community capacity to identify and respond appropriately to risk factors in their own whanau/hapu and community. Northland DHB offers free a range of training below;

Free Suicide Prevention Training Te Tai Tokerau

Training Programme Background

This suicide first-aid model provides a framework for the workshop and skills practice. The workshop provides opportunities to learn what a person at risk may need from others in order to keep safe and get more help. Participants consider common factors that may flag potential suicide risk.

Please register online: Website:
Or download registration form : ASIST Registration Form

Date and Time Venue

Gatekeeper Training - Foundations in Suicide Prevention

QPR stands for Question, Persuade and Refer – three simple steps that anyone can learn to help save a life from suicide.

Just as people are trained in CPR to help save thousands of lives each year, people trained in QPR learn how to recognise the warning signs of suicide and how to question, persuade and refer someone for help.

QPR is an evidence‐based and award winning suicide prevention training programme that increases awareness and knowledge related to screening for suicidal thoughts and behaviours. QPR training provides practical skills regarding when and how to ask the “Suicide Question”.

This straightforward and highly accessible adult learning programme teaches anyone how to recognise that a person may be contemplating suicide and how to talk to them and provide life-saving assistance.

The training programme includes: 
  • Risk factors for suicide
  • How to get help for someone in crisis
  • The warning signs of a suicide crisis
  • The common causes of suicidal behaviour
  • Relationship of mental illness to suicide
  • When and how to Question suicidal people 
  • How to Persuade people to accept help
  • How to Refer people to resource

Date and Time Venue
Tuesday 20th May , 9am – 2pm Far North REAP, 5 Marino Place, Kaitaia
Tuesday 20th June, 9am-2pm Whangarei, venue TBA

Northland DHB is funding places at no cost, which may be restricted per organisation. Download the registration form: QPR - Gatekeeper Training Registration Form

QPR Kta 20 May 2014

Please send the completed registration form to QPR NZ Grant Walker: or Freephone: 0800 448 909

Advanced Training - Suicide Risk Management

QPR is an evidence-based and award winning suicide prevention training model designed to provide healthcare professionals with a standardised best practice suicide risk assessment and triage method.

This course includes training in the use of the QPR Suicide Risk Management Inventory©, a widely tested, practical and user-friendly guided interview protocol. It was developed as a patient safety tool to help professionals who assist, evaluate, manage, counsel or treat people with suicidal ideation.

QPR Advanced Suicide Risk Management training is tailored for healthcare professionals including counsellors, mental health and substance abuse treatment providers, nurses, psychologists, psychiatrists, physicians, and or any professionals who evaluate, manage or treat people with suicidal behaviour.

This advanced level course aims to train those in contact with suicidal persons to better assess and actively manage those at elevated risk for suicidal behaviours.

A recent QPR Institute survey found that very few practicing clinicians use formal, evidence-based, suicide-specific assessment methods to assess suicide risk, but do rely on a clinical interview.

Research also indicates that a high number of individuals who are actively in care, either in out-patient or in-patient treatment settings complete suicide while in professional care.

Date and Time Venue
Monday 19th May, 9am-5pm Far North REAP, 5 Marino Place, Kaitaia
Monday 20th June, 9am-5pm Whangarei, venue TBA

Northland DHB funding places at no cost, which may be restricted per organisation. Download the registration form: QPR - Advanced Training Registration Form

QPR Advanced KTA 19 May

Please send the completed registration form to QPR NZ Grant Walker: or Freephone: 0800 448 909



The MH101 programme is funded by the Ministry of Health and Blueprint for Learning have delivered these one-day workshops throughout New Zealand since 2009 on the Ministry’s behalf, which means there is no fee for participants to attend.  The programme, which was also developed by Blueprint, is designed to increase the confidence of learners to recognise, relate and respond to people experiencing mental distress or illness. 

 The workshops are aimed at people who don’t necessarily work in mental health but who deal with people from all walks of life.  The programme is developed to ‘fill the gap’ between knowing that you want to help, but not knowing how. The workshops are designed for frontline social agency and government staff, but can also be offered to community leaders. 

Described by one participant as the “the best training I’ve ever attended in my entire policing career”, people have been clear that the programme has made a significant difference in their lives, saying that, “this course taught me that heroic responses or great deeds are NOT required…It’s within the capacity of anyone to react appropriately”. The evaluation of the programme has shown some impressive changes amongst the nearly 7000 New Zealanders who have attended so far.  More information can be found at

Date and Time Venue
Monday 25th March 8.30am-4.30pm Reia Taipa Beach Resort, 22 Taipa Point Road, Northland

To register, please email the names, roles, and organsiation of those who wish to attend to: / contact 04 3816395

Registrations are due by: 19 March 2014